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Hotel Saint Jacques

The Hotel Saint Jacques is a 2-star hotel, located near the Blois Chambord train station and the departure of the shuttles to visit the Beauval Zoo, known for hosting a PANDA couple as well as a PANDA baby.
We can accommodate you as a family, we have rooms for four and five people, with friends or in a group.
Our restaurant Le Restaurant Saint Jacques, welcomes you from Monday to Friday midday and evening and Saturday evening.

The hotel St Jacques offers 25 spacious and characterful rooms. Our rooms are very comfortable with shower and WC Canal +, Satellite TV, free wifi. You will be five minutes walk from the old town, Blois castle, the house of magic and a few kilometers away, the Loire castles …

What out guests are saying about us

Très bien
Hotel idéalement bien placé, très propre, chambre chaleureuse, très bon accueil.
Très bien
Très bien